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Bross Street Assisted Living
537 Bross Street
Longmont, Colorado 80501


Phone: 303-682-5095
Fax: 303-532-3273
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Activities and Daily Life


The Basics

At Bross Street Assisted Living, we like to operate like a Bed and Breakfast. Residents have choices with their meals and we happily accomodate special dietary needs as well as personal preferences. All of our food is prepared on site by our dedicated staff, with an emphasis on home-cooked basics and fresh ingredients. In addition to our regular three meals per day, we also offer snacks and treats throughout the day. We also have a cooking club activity where residents can participate by making desserts and fun snacks.




As part of our daily regimen, our dedicated staff conduct many activities such as games, walks, current events, exercises and outings. In addition, we have yoga, massage, music performances and other activities that are conducted by volunteers and others.