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Bross Street Assisted Living
537 Bross Street
Longmont, Colorado 80501


Phone: 303-682-5095
Fax: 303-532-3273
E-mail: please use the contact form



There are things you can do as a family member or friend to help ensure that your loved one is happy and cared-for.

  • MEDICATIONS Do not ever bring in medication that is not ordered by a doctor. This includes herbal remedies and vitamins. Our licensing requires that all medications are prescribed by a doctor and that all administration of these medications is recorded and verified by our staff. If you return from a doctor appointment with a new medication or a change in medication, we must have a DOCTORS ORDER before we can make this change.
  • Make sure their clothing and shoes are in good repair and that they fit
  • Keep their special supplies and medications supplied so that they do not run out
  • Keep up on doctor and dentist visits
  • Take your loved one on outings! People like to get out and do something different. So, go for a drive or out for lunch or shopping.
  • Volunteer to conduct activities for the whole facility. It's easy to call a game of Bingo or help with a craft. Our residents love the interaction.